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Eco Honeybees | Honeybee Hive Sales, Hive Service, Maintenance, and Honey Extraction. Serving the DC Metro area, suburban Northern Virginia and Maryland

2014 Eco Honeybees Home Page

Welcome to Eco Honeybees!  

We’ve been making beekeeping easy and possible in the DC Metro area since 2011!


Your Eco Honeybees Team

Your Eco Honeybees Team

in business since 2011, Eco Honeybees is a family owned company based in Falls Church, Virginia right outside Washington, DC.  We’re very dedicated beekeepers here and are proud to be taking area beekeeping in a new direction that makes owning a beehive easy for everyone.   By letting Eco Honeybees provide and manage their beehives, our clients rest easy knowing that our years of beekeeping experience and hive management are dedicated to their hive’s health and survival.

“If the honeybee disappeared off the surface of the globe then mankind would only have four years of life left.”

        Albert Einstein



Having a beehive at your home is the single most important thing you can do to benefit the environment.

We’re very dedicated beekeepers here at Eco Honeybees.  We love and cherish our bees and promise to love yours the same way we do ours.  We learned long ago that nothing is more relaxing that sitting in your yard after a hard day at work watching the peacefulness of bees coming and going from your beehive.

Bee_Nice_by_RXQueen611We noticed that the DC Metro area residents are very educated.  They KNOW there is a huge problem nationwide with the Honeybee.  Area homeowners also are very pro-active in that they WANT to make help alleviate the bee crisis and have the MEANS to do so.  But, as busy and hectic as our lifestyles are, very few people have the TIME needed to make that difference.  Old school beekeeping requires a huge investment in time going to classes and apprenticing to learn the skills needed to manage honeybees.   And, keeping in mind all the challenges facing honeybees, more time is needed now than was 25 years ago.  The number of beehives in the U.S. has gone down by 75% in the last 40 years and this lack of time people have to devote to bees is a primary reason.  Old school beekeeping is becoming a dying art.  Even the Boy Scouts dropped their Beekeeping Merit badge a few years ago.

Here at Eco Honeybees we knew we would have to start a NEW SCHOOL OF BEEKEEPING for the 21st century.  In the past, if someone owned a beehive, they had to be BEEKEEPERS.  With Eco Honeybees, our clients are HIVE OWNERS.  Eco Honeybees clients get all the joy of hive ownership; honey, the joy and relaxation of hive watching, and the satisfaction they are making a real difference in their world, without having to go through the long learning curve this hobby previously required.  We provide the proper equipment and our expertise to our clients; we’ll deliver and set up their hives, manage their hives, do our best to keep them healthy, and extract their honey for them when it is time to do so.

The peaceful backyard of one of our clients.

The peaceful backyard of one of our clients.

Humanity NEEDS the honeybee desperately to pollinate our crops.  Up until 25 years ago, the honeybee never needed us at all.  But, with all the damage we’ve done to Earth’s Ecosystem, things have changed.  Now the Honeybees need us as much as we need them …….. just to survive in this world we’ve left them.save-the-bees200

With Eco Honeybees here in the area willing and able to take all the hard work and guesswork out of beekeeping for you, what’s stopping you?  Let Eco Honeybees bring the fascinating, magical world of the Honeybee to YOUR home this season!  Write to us from the Contact Us page or call us at 703-801-2281 and let us start changing your part of the planet for the better!

Your Eco Honeybees Team

Your Eco Honeybees Team