About EHB

About Eco Honeybees
We are committed to the conservation and re-population of the domestic Honeybee which plays such a critically important and unique role in our delicate ecosystem and are considered the principal pollinators for much of our Nation’s agricultural crops.
Without proper flower pollination, many commercial fruit and vegetable crops may suffer diminishing crop returns and eventually cease to produce altogether.
Eco HoneyBees offers complete honeybee hives and apiary services to regional home and business owners who wish to support and participate in helping restore the natural honeybee population. Currently, much of the nation’s honeybee business is managed by commercial hive brokers, catering to large farms and nurseries. Many of the beekeepers are aging and the art of beekeeping is dwindling. It’s difficult for the average homeowner or gardener to break into the apiary hobby without a long learning curve and the constant risk of losing their investment and bee population due to pollution, colony collapse disorder or, simple inexperience.

Eco HoneyBees takes a new direction in the bee world as our business focus is in serving as a one stop source for Honey Bees, Bee Supplies, Bee Hives and, affordable residential and commercial hive maintenance and beehive service contracts.  We make beekeeping enjoyable and easy by managing and maintaining your hives for you, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your healthy hives and happy Honeybees!  Each hive we build is custom made with an observation window that allows you to peek inside without disrupting the hive. Our clients can witness the birth of bees, watch the workers going about their business, and occasionally spot the Queen laying her eggs! There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in front of your beehive watching worker bees returning to their hive, sacks filled with fresh pollen, content with the knowledge that you are doing your part in restoring nature’s delicate balance while enjoying the personal benefits from your healthy hives.

Our clients all learn quickly how great a neighbor the gentle and docile honeybee is to have.  And the human neighbors will all notice and appreciate the success they’ll have in their own gardening endeavors now that someone has brought back the pollinators to their community!