How to get started with Eco Honeybees

How Do We Get Started With Eco HoneyBees?

After you’ve looked hard in the mirror and decided to help the environment in one of the easiest, fun, ways possible, give us a call or send us an email with your information. 

One of our Top Bar hives on a roof in N.W. DC

One of our Top Bar hives on a roof in N.W. DC

Depending on when in the year we meet, we’ll either be reserving one of our new hives being created for you, providing you with one we already have set up ready to go, of getting you on our waiting list for one of our upcoming hives. So what does all this mean?
Well, the one key thing about this type of business is that bees are only available in the spring and summer and that they are a limited resource. We have to plan in advance on how many hives of each type we are going to sell for the upcoming year.  We will start most all our hives in the summer using our own locally bred bees, nurture them, winter them over, and then deliver these colonies in new hive equipment the following spring to client’s homes.  

In the autumn we’ll make our equipment orders based on that number of hives we plan on selling and then spend the entire winter assembling and preparing hive equipment for the coming season.  In the winter we’ll also order some colonies and fertilized Queens from trusted breeders to help flesh out our own genetic breeding pool and also to start however many Top Bar Hives we plan on creating for the upcoming season.  

One reason we don’t sell “nucs” or packages of bees to local hobbyists is because we assemble and match up hive equipment with each of the colonies we have wintering over and only sell complete hives.  So you can see that we only have so many bees to provide our clients during the course of the year unless we’re able to safely split some of our existing, successful hives for you. As of October, 2014, we are planning on creating about 70 new hives for the 2015 season.  60 of these will be Langstroth and 10 will be Top Bars.

So it should be obvious that getting with us early is important so we’ll be able to service your needs. While we can build hives, stocking them with bees is the issue. Once we’re out of bees, chances are you’ll be placed on the waiting list for one of our first hives of the next year unless a split or swarm becomes available during the course of the summer. You also want to remember that getting your hive to you as early as possible in spring is important so your bees will have as much of the season as possible to store up honey for the following winter.

One happy hive right next to a client's home

One happy hive right next to a client’s home

Once your hive is ready to go, we’ll be coming by to get it professionally installed on your property for your family to enjoy! Because we deal almost exclusively with bees that we’ve bred locally, you’ll be getting a hive that has already survived a winter and is ready to hit the spring running.   We’ll also want to be feeding them pretty heavily at first to ensure everything gets adapted to their new environment in the healthiest way possible. After we’ve delivered your hive we’ll want to arrange with you us returning every 3-4 weeks to service your hive to monitor it and keep it healthy throughout the year.