What Makes Eco Honeybees Unique?

IMG_0793So what makes Eco Honeybees unique?  How is this new school of beekeeping that we’ve started different from everyone else out there?  Why should you entrust your beekeeping experience with us?

Making a REAL commitment to make a difference in the honeybee world is a very serious thing to undertake.   Most people who start businesses do so to try to earn themselves a living.  Karen and I are working to improve our part of the world and hope an income can be derived from doing so.  Here at Eco Honeybees we know what’s needed to give bees a chance in the world these days.  Beekeeping is so involved that people starting out from scratch are easily mystified when getting into the hobby.  Not knowing what to do costs the planet bees colonies right when they are needed the most.

We know there are dozens of people out there that sell bees and bee packages.  Many of these people sell bee packages in the hopes you’ll also take advantage of their real business of selling hive equipment.  We know there are hundreds of companies, from the very large to the very small, that sell the actual hives and hive equipment.  Most of these companies will even assemble a hive for a client for an extra fee though this often triples shipping costs.  Eco Honeybees is the only game in town that will deliver a fully assembled beehive with a healthy growing colony already inside it to your home or business and make sure it is properly set up on your property.  So right off the bat, Eco Honeybees goes the extra distance to put the best components available, fully assembled and treated hive, bees, and your property all together for you.  We already know how the puzzle goes together.  We’ve done it hundreds of times and are here to share our expertise with you.

But what makes Eco Honeybees refreshingly different is that we consider that first step to be only the beginning of what will hopefully be a long friendly relationship.  We do NOT cast our clients adrift after the initial sale.  No one else selling equipment or bees is willing to support their clients after the sale at their home in person.  But we are adamant about it.  Eco Honeybees WANTS to be a part of your bee hive experience.  This is what Commitment means.  It is your hive and your bees.  But we also consider them OUR bees as well.  But, thinking globally, your bees are also the world’s bees!

Eco Honeybees will do whatever it takes within our power and expertise to ensure your hive thrives and that your experience is a positive one.  Beekeeping is not one of those guaranteed things these days.  We want to share in your joys with the bees and we’ll cry with you if your hive doesn’t make it.  Each hive is unique and has its own characteristics.  Every home environment is different.  Allowing us to stay involved with your hive permits us become intimately familiar with each of our client’s hives so as to be better able to serve each of them.

Before we deliver your hive to you we’ll have assembled by hand all the equipment we’ll be bringing to you.  We’ll transfer the colony of bees into your hive and let it settle and start growing before we bring it to you.  By then, we’ll be able to assess the hive’s strength and temperament.  After it’s yours, we’ll inspect your hive every 3-4 weeks.  We’ll nurture it, medicate it if needed, split it when ready, feed it with extra supplements and nutrients both early and late in the season, monitor, pre-empt, or capture swarms when it happens in late Spring, and extract your honey for you when it is safe for the bees to do so.  You enjoy your bees knowing with greater peace of mind that someone with expertise is standing behind you giving your hive a better chance of survival.

Honeybees are true Children of the World.  Ensuring the growth and survival of the World’s Children is a huge responsibility that Eco Honeybees does not undertake lightly.  Having a beehive at your home really IS following the old adage of “Think Globally, Act Locally”.  We hope that, knowing where we’re coming from and what our commitment to the bees is, will allow you to entrust us with the new beehive at your home.