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Views on Honey

For thousands of years the primary reason humans have learned to keep bees is for the honey. For a very, very long period it was pretty much the only form of sweetener available. Honey’s other uses in medicine and for making drinks such as mead are also big reasons why humans felt they could be successful in a cottage industry supplying honey to buyers.

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What to know when buying a beehive

Beekeeping is one of those hobbies where quick, easy, and cheap solutions don’t really exist and eventually turn more people away than draw people in. Some consumers enter the hobby by purchasing a package of bees and then a single incomplete hive or inexpensive “nuke”, a smaller 5 frame starter hive, to break into the hobby in a cost effective way to see if they like it. These temporary housings are just that, temporary, and are meant for a short time housing unit. They are not intended for permanent housing.

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The HoneyBee Crisis

Most people who watch The National Geographic, Discovery and The Learning Channels already know that there is a VERY serious problem nationally with the depletion of the bee population due to pollution, disease, greenhouse gases, climate changes, and other parasites. During the past 20 years, tracheal and varroa mites have become major bee pests that seriously threaten the industry in the United States. Mites have killed more than 90% of wild honeybees and 60% of commercial bees in the U.S. and small hive beetles are also becoming a serious problem that beekeepers have to contend with. The result here is that beekeeping has become enough of a challenge that many people considering the hobby steer away from it because of them.

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