Swarm Removal Services

Swarm Removal Services

What does a swarm look like?  Yes honeybees are this docile when swarming!LogSwarmLarry

If you notice that you have a swarm of honeybees on your property, Eco HoneyBees can help with our free honeybee swarm removal service! While not as common as in years past, swarms are still seen many times a year. The first thing to remember is not to panic! What you need to do first is identify what is swarming or has taken up residence by looking at the pictures below:2o1o

Wasps and Yellow Jackets are something we do NOT remove.  Because they are not a protected species (honeybees are), general pest extermination companies can help you out easily.  What we deal with are honeybees!  They look like this!  If you have these little ladies all  over your home, give us a call!  We’ll do our best to find a good home for them.  Or, depending on where they are, you might want to consider them a gift from Mother Nature!


***Important note: We do not remove honeybees from electrical equipment!

What is a Honeybee Colony?

Colonies are established clusters known as “swarms”, which consist of a mated Queen and a large contingent of drones and worker bees. This colony moves en masse to a nest site that has been scouted by worker bees beforehand. Honeybees will start new nests with large numbers of worker bees and have it constructed before the Queen is escorted to the site.

Bees In Structures

Unlike swarms, honeybees nesting in a structure are permanent and must be removed by a professional beekeeper.

We will also want to know a few things about your problem:

  1. Where are the bees located?
  2. Can they be reached from the ground or is a ladder needed?
  3. Are there electrical or overhead lines nearby?
  4. How long have the bees been there?

Important Do’s and Don’t’s Regarding Swarms!


  • Call Larry at 703-801-2281.
  • Block off the honeybees’ area for safety.
  • Make sure nothing disturbs the honeybees.
  • Take digital pictures of the swarm and email them to us right away.
  • Ask questions!


  • DO NOT spray any pesticides on the honeybees!
  • DO NOT try to move or disturb the honeybees!
  • DO NOT try to trap the honeybees!
  • DO NOT call an exterminator before consulting with a professional beekeeper!