Hive Owner Responsibility

When a homeowner buys a hive from Eco Honeybees, essentially we’re entering into a partnership with them. While we can provide a hive and the ability to service it, a hive owner HAS to assume some responsibility for the health and vitality of their hive.

homeownedWhen we sell a hive, it is generally a new colony. Depending on when we were able to acquire the bees, chances are that hive was started a bit late in the spring AFTER the primary nectar flow. Even if it was started during the main nectar flow it probably wasn’t large enough to take full advantage of it. So, a new hive needs a lot more attention during that crucial first year if it is going to survive the coming winter.

While we’re willing to come out to service your hive once a month during the season that can oftentimes not be enough and a hive will require more attention than we can logistically provide. We’d like that our customers can assume the responsibility of making their own feed and feeding their hive throughout the year in between the times when we visit. It is simple, easy, non-intrusive to the hive and really can make the difference between a hive surviving the winter or starving.

The importance of this became very clear during the 2011 season. Many of the bee packages we put in our hives came from the warmer climates of Georgia. These bees are not what we would call frugal with their food stores because they are genetically tuned to a longer, warmer, growing season. As a result many of these hives required heavy feedings throughout the year. The fact that they were all cooped up in their hives in August eating their stores while it rained for six weeks straight didn’t help. While the 2011 weather we had in this area was a millennium event we still saw many hives not prepared for the winter dormant season and had to really scramble to build up the hive’s food stores.

While many very avid, experienced beekeepers will tell you that they are inside their hives almost on a weekly basis, most hobbyists don’t do this. We’re not set up to do this for you considering the number of clients we have and the wide area in which they reside. We’re here as a support mechanism. We sincerely hope that you jump into the hobby with both feet to the point that, as your experience level grows, you’ll no longer require our services. But it’s o.k. if that doesn’t happen and you just want to do the right thing, enjoy your bees, and let us do the bulk of the work.

When you buy a hive you’re entering into a partnership of sorts with us. We can’t do everything that needs to be done on a weekly basis. We want you to become long term hive owners and we’re here to help you do this and to mentor you through the process. We don’t expect or want you to take apart and go through the hives yourself unless you know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for. But simple things like helping with the feeding of your hive makes a huge difference!

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