Hive Waiting List Update February 10, 2015

Just wanted to give our clients and site visitors an update about our waiting list for the upcoming season.  Taking a break from our non-stop building of hives to do so!

Currently we’re completely sold out of our Top Bar Hives for 2015.  In the Langstroth arena, we’re over 50% sold out as of today.  You have to remember, we’re never sure exactly how many hives will be available as that number is based totally on what survives the winter.  If we have a weather disaster worse than last year’s Polar Vortexes we’ll have fewer hives available than if spring started tomorrow.

So, if you’re contemplating getting on our list, it is better to do it earlier rather than later.

For our Top Bar Hive clients.  As luck would have it, the supplier in Tennessee we were hoping to start working with has turned out to be more fantasy than reality.  So, as a result, we will be starting our Top Bar hives this spring in April with Italian bees.  The intention is to do this to get them started and then re-Queen them with our own tried and tested Queens.  This has worked well for us in the past and will do so again!

So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write or me Larry with them at 703-801-2281!



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