Bee Hive Rentals (Commercial Clients)

Eco Honeybees Hive Rental program is designed for commercial clientele and NOT our residential clients. Our business is not really designed to be a larger scale pollination service. Most of our commercial clients are similar to our residential ones in that they want to do their part in bringing back the honeybee to the area but wish to have hive(s) placed at their place of business as opposed to their homes. But, with many firms dealing with yearly facilities budgets, a hive rental with servicing built into it might be favorable to an outright purchase.

The advantages of having hives on commercial property are numerous. Here a few worthy of consideration:

  • If your company or business is putting forth a considerable sum each year for landscaping services and you DON’T have at least one hive on your property, what’s the point? The flora and fauna you’re planting will do much better with bees attending them.
  • When bidding for government contracts that require a facility environmental gold, silver, or bronze rating/standard, a beehive is something that might possibly tip the scales in your firm’s favor.
  • Every business can publicly state that they’re doing their part for the environment by having a hive on their property or campus. The public relations benefits and good press far outweigh the small monthly expense.
  • Trust us, your employees will love having a hive they can adopt and will genuinely respect working for a company that shows it cares.

As each commercial application is different, we take each rental opportunity on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us through the site here or feel free to call us at 703-801-2281.