Hives And Pricing

Beehive Types and Pricing

Eco HoneyBees is very proud to be offering for sale premium beehives, stocked with a fertilized Queen and a colony of honeybees, to area homeowners and businesses. We sell customized Langstroth hives built to our own specifications.

When purchasing a hive from Eco HoneyBees, you will not only get a quality custom hive fully stocked with honey bees, but you will also be given the opportunity to for us to service and maintain your hive as well! This is a new, groundbreaking concept that we are introducing to the area!  You can enjoy all the valuable benefits of hive ownership without having to go through the very long and steep learning curve on your own!  We can come out to your hive and do regular inspections, feed and standard hive maintenance. Our services also expand to those who currently own honeybee hives and don’t have the time to care for them.  Don’t be embarrassed if you’re intimidated by your hive.  Just call us!  We will professionally prepare and set up the hive(s) on the property. Our professional installation is designed to make the honeybee’s job of taking care of and improving your property easy but also to integrate your new hive into your own residential environment so it may flourish naturally and peacefully co-exist with what’s already there.

When offering hives for sale, prospective clients have to take into consideration that we only offer a LIMITED number of hives per year. We’re predicting 60 hives for 2017. Our ability to provide hives is governed by being able to acquire honeybee colonies to fill them with. Once the hives are sold, we’ll have to get you on the waiting list. There is always a good chance that we can provide you a hive mid-season but that is dependent on our access to swarms and splitting existing healthy hives. If you are interested, please call us at 703-801-2281 or contact us through the website. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!


Our Standard Langstroth Hive for 2017 – $650.00

Our Langstroth hive Not Pictured: Our custom bottom stand

Our Langstroth hive Not Pictured: Our custom bottom stand

What this includes: Price includes our standard Langstroth hive in natural pine dipped in a special eco-friendly soy-based dip to last outdoors for many years and compliment your property. The hive consists of three full Deep ten frame boxes with natural wired wax foundations, our own customized in-house designed wooden bottom board, our custom heavy duty hive stand, large capacity center access top feeder, metal covered telescopic hive cover, and entrance reducer.  Price also includes our own professional placement and set up of the hive on your property. Depending on the size of the colony we deliver, some hives initially use one or two of the Deep boxes.  The third will be added later on as the bees expand and grow their colony and need more space.  Our Langstroth Hive comes fully stocked with a colony of our own locally bred bees with one of our Russian/Carnolian hybrid Queens!

Our Top Bar Hive $575.00 DISCONTINUED FOR 2017 SEASON. See recent blog post

Our custom Top Bar hive

Our custom Top Bar hive

What this includes: Price includes our customized Top Bar hive clear coated in natural pine to last outdoors for many years and compliment your property. The Top Bar hive consists of 31 inner bars for brood and honey storage that the bees will create naturally. Our Top Bar hive has customized observation windows along its length and a custom internal 3/4-gallon feeder. Our Top Bar Hive comes fully stocked with our own bees and a Russian/Carnolian hybrid Queen. Price also includes our own professional placement and set up of the hive on your property.

Eco Honeybees recognizes that a properly set up and maintained hive – done on your own, is a considerable investment taking into account hardware, boxes, frames, foundation, shipping, assembly, bees and queen, hive maintenance tools, and medications if needed. After this monetary investment, the expertise required to put it all together and make it prosper, takes years to obtain. Keeping this in mind, we think you’ll find our services rates are not a whole lot more than what it would cost you to do on your own!