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Eco Honeybees Hive Maintenance Services

The key advantage of being an Eco HoneyBees client is our ability to service and maintain your hive for you.  Beekeeping is very involved and requires a lot of knowledge and commitment.  It is our heartfelt desire that the delivery of your hive is only the start of a long, happy relationship between Eco Honeybees and your hive.  This support is key to ensuring that continued health and prosperity of the area’s bee population. Our servicing and maintenance programs are designed for the three types of clients we have.


IMG_4725Consultation/Assessment Visit (Existing Hives) $75.00

Our inspection visits are very comprehensive.  What we’re doing and looking for at each visit does vary slightly depending on the time of the year.   Over the years, we’ve found that we’re stopping by an average of every three weeks or so.  Again, this is dependent on the time of the season and each individual hive.

Generally, at each visit, we’re going through and disassembling the internals of each hive and examining each frame or bar inside it.  During each inspection we’re looking to assess the overall health of each hive, wax and honey production, brood amounts and patterns, pollen and nectar storage and amounts, looking for evidence of mite and parasite problems, Queen’s habits and health, detecting swarm possibility, and overall internal hive management.  We keep detailed notes on each of our hives so we’re able to properly track it’s activity throughout it’s lifetime.

Emergency Hiveside Assistance (EHA) $100.00

Every now and then something catastrophic happens. A hive gets knocked over, a tree falls on it during a storm, or a hive owner notices something else that they feel requires immediate assistance and attention. Depending on the emergency, Eco Honeybees is here to support you. The price given is for emergency support, assessment, and diagnosis and doesn’t include replacement of the hive, its components or bees. Obviously assessments will need to be made onsite. Additionally, if you’re not an existing Eco Honeybees client and we’re meeting you for the first time in a crisis/emergency situation, we’ll have to take things on a case-by-case basis because we’ll know nothing and have no information about your hive, its history and current situation.