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You can donate a bee hive to a needy family in a third world country!

It is that time of year when we’re all thinking of holidays and of those less fortunate.  I found a very interesting organization called Heifer International.  They are at http://www.heifer.org  This company accepts donations so they can give farm type animals to help those in third world countries that need it to the most.  While the temptation is there to donate a Water Buffalo of flock of ducks, lo and behold, one of their least expensive donations of $30 will send a complete beehive to a needy family so they can start their own cottage industry with honey and wax.  The link to that is http://www.heifer.org/gift-catalog/animals-nutrition/honeybees-donation.html though I encourage everyone to check out their whole site as it is a very interesting concept.

While we’re already all very bee friendly here, we need our bees because we’ve damaged our environment and bees have disappeared.  To a lesser degree this is happening all over the world but a gift of bees will help to pull a family up from the depths of poverty and give them a leg up on life.  So the need is there big time!

So, if you’re able to, please do the right thing and take the tax deduction.  It is one of those charitable donations that you can all be proud to tell your friends about as it is sort of odd and quirky.  And, since we all have bees, people already have that opinion of us anyways.  Why not nurture it?