Honeybee Hive Sales & Hive Management Serving the Metro DC area since 2011

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, mankind would only have four years left to live.”  - Albert Einstein



Residential and Commercial Bee Hive Sales

Eco Honeybees sells, delivers, and sets up beehives at homes and places of business throughout the Metropolitan DC area.

We've been doing this full time since 2011.  We pioneered the concept of professional beehive management to residential and commercial clients in an urban and suburban environment.  Being the first to do something means you have to build it from the ground up, have both successes and failures, and keep learning all the time.  As a result, we're not only pretty darn good at it by now but we're also proud to say that we've got the most in-depth area-wide beekeeping experience you're going to find.

Our current client's include several area country clubs and golf courses, hotels, and conference centers, government locations, and, of course, dozens of residential homeowners throughout DC, suburban, Virginia, and Maryland.

Through our years of experience we've taken the guesswork out of the hive purchase process.  We know what works best and can provide everything the bees need at the lowest price.  

We assemble our own hive equipment and much of what we use is either equipment we've created or modified ourselves.  

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Professional Hive Management

This is what sets Eco Honeybees apart from the rest of the world!

Beekeeping isn't easy.  We've found that what care bees require differs everywhere you go in the country.  Even different parts of a county or city makes a difference to a hive's chances of survival.

From the start, we designed Eco Honeybees so that our clients would entrust us with the seasonal care of their hives.  Beekeeping is all we do.  We're not hobbyists or go to club meetings.  This isn't just a weekend thing for us.  We're professionals that are passionate about the survival of our client's beehives.  Let us use OUR years of experience to give YOUR  honey bees the best chance of survival.

For more information about how we manage our client's hives and the hive management services we offer, click HERE.


Our Local Breeding Program

Why are we successful?  Simply put, we only stock our clients hives with bee colonies from our own local breeding program.  90% of local beekeepers source their bees from outside the area.  We don't.  This gives us a huge advantage from the word go. 

For a more in depth look at our breeding program, click HERE.

Just like us, our bees are already familiar with the local area!


A Concept Whose Time Has Come

The world's climate and environment are in crisis.  So are the bees.  Pretty much everyone knows this.  And, while people are willing to do the right thing, and have the means to do so, quite often no one has the time needed to learn how to become beekeepers.

Like with so very many things in life these days, Eco Honeybees enables home and business owners to own and enjoy their own honeybee hive and outsource the care and maintenance of their bees to trusted, local, experts. 


It's The Only Planet We've Got

And it's time to start taking care of it starting with the little bit of it we inhabit.

At Eco Honeybees we firmly believe that, if one person buys 1000 beehives, not much changes.  But!  If 1000 people each buy ONE beehive, now you'll start to notice a difference!


And that's what we've set out to do.

We're not looking to get rich.  No one that is actually trying to HELP the environment ever will.  

We're just looking to make a difference and do something positive.  And, hopefully, in some bright and glorious future, someone will look back at these times of crisis and Trump and not judge us all too harshly for the changes we worked to effect.