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Community Outreach


Community Outreach

Eco HoneyBees is a very proactive company when it comes to working with bees and bringing them into the community.  One of the key reasons we’re in this business is to help educate the community about bees and their current plight.

As many presentations as we've given, we can speak on a wide range of bee-related subjects to audiences ranging from seniors to kindergarten.  Just let us know the focus you're looking to educate on.

We always ALWAYS interested in speaking with community groups like schools, local governments, large and small businesses, churches, public and private parks, country clubs and helping them add bee hives onto their properties to help educate and improve their environments, member, citizens, and environmental footprints.   Beehives SHOULD be on the roofs of EVERY government and larger business building and, you’ve invested in landscaping, you should have a hive!

Having a beehive associated with YOUR government, business or organization really shows your community that YOU care about the planet you live on!  Sometimes what seems like the smallest step makes the biggest difference!

Events We'll Be Attending


Feb 23, 2019 - Rooting DC

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, NE DC

We've been attending this event regularly  for the past several years.  For 2019, like before, we'll have a booth  getting clients on our wiaiting list.  We'll also be doing at least one class-type lecture on the local bee crisis and challenges facing the local beekeeping community.

This is just about the best environmental event for the year in the area.  There's lots of vendors and dozens of classes on a huge range of environmental subjects.

The event's website is

Earth Day - Mid-April, 2019

So far we're open!  If there's something interesting or you're holding an event you'd like for us to attend, please let us know!

Memorial Day Weekend - City of Falls Church Memorial Day Festival and Parade.

This is a regular event for us as it is right in our backyard and we have so many clients already in Falls Church.  Generally. we'll have a stand right on Little Falls St.

Activism and Protests

Larry at the Pro Environment Rally in DC 2018

As you might have already guessed, we're pretty passionate about what we do and the overall environment in general.

In the past we've attended several protests at the EPA Headquarters in DC that were pro-pollenator and anti-pesticide.

We attended the last Bernie Sanders Rally in early autumn, 2016

We were also proud to attend the Women's March in both 2017 and 2018 and the Save the Enviroment rally in Spring, 2018 where the above photo was taken.

As time, energy, and urgency allows, we'll continue to help work towards creating a better world!