Residential and commercial clients

Residential Clients


Beehives in backyards.  That's how we started this business and who we designed it for.  Before you say you don't think it can be done, think again!  the majority of our current clients are area homeowners.  Big, houses, small houses, town houses, and row houses.  Big yards, small yards, front yards, back yards, postage stamp sized yards, and roof tops.  From Dupont Circle to Manassas Battlefield.

Local jurisdictions love having hives added and your neighbors will really appreciate seeing their gardens benefit along with yours.

We can anyways find a place to fit a beehive!  Check out our photo gallery to see some of our clients hives around the region.

Commercial Clients


We've always had a few commercial clients but, in the past two years, the word's gotten out that this portion of our business has quadrupled.  Even more so because commercial clients sometimes have 3-8 hives on their property.  News of the success of their hives passes by words of mouth and new clients come a-knocking..

Currently we have hives at four local Country Clubs with golf courses and restaurants along with several area hotels and one major Conference Center.  Chefs love having their own honey supply and the pollenation of their organic gardens.  And several of our residential clients signed on after seeing hives at the golf courses.  At least 7 more hotels/country clubs are on the waiting list for 2019 already!

We also have hives at Embassies and a couples government facilities locally.  Most countries in the EU are far more environmentally active and expect to have hives at their buildings.  Since the Embassies have a "Green" club, they are always improving and trying to outdo each other.  This is why several more Embassies have interest in adding more hives.

Additionally, we've also placed hives at smaller businesses, schools, and non-profits around the area over the years.

We fully expect this part of our business might outpace the residential side at least in the total number of hives.


Why Businesses NEED Beehives


We've polled our commercial clients and have found they're getting beehives for the following reasons:

  - Their clients are part of this changing world and WILL notice!

- Another good thing to TELL the public about their operation!

- They can brag about their bees when selling conventions! You’d be surprised at what goes into a client’s decision making process!

- People WANT to do business with local businesses that care!

- A beehive is living proof your business has a local commitment!

- Now you can plant edible landscapes and gardens that produce for you! 

- Your restaurants can cook with, or sell, their own local honey! Tell people you do!

- Anyone can TALK big. Clients notice businesses that DO!

- Beehives are EASY when Eco Honeybees does all the work for you!

-  And, marketed properly, the expense of a beehive can be written off as an advertising expense!

Our hive products and pricing

Our Langstroth Hive __________$650


 What this includes:

Price includes our standard customized Langstroth hive coated in an eco friendly soy-based dip designed to last outdoors for several years and compliment your property. The hive consists of THREE (yes there are only two shown in the photo) full Deep ten frame boxes with natural wax foundations, a bottom board incorporating our own in-house special modifications, our custom designed in-house heavy duty hive stand, large capacity, dual chamber, screened top feeder, and metal covered hive cover.

Price also includes our own professional placement and set up of the hive on your property.

While included in the price, the third Deep box won’t need to be added until mid-summer.

Upon delivery, we’ll transfer a colony of bees from our breeding program into the new boxes.!

Single Deep Box _________$65


Our standard deep box.  Assembled and treated with our environmentally friendly soy-based dip to protect it from the elements.

Included with the box is ten fully assembled wooden deep frames using the new small cell wax foundation.

While we include three of these boxes with each hive we sell, for many clients, those three boxes are just not enough to contain the hive after the first year depending on the area environment, the Queen, and how much success and growth they're realizing.  Often, during the second season you have your hive, more boxes are needed to allow the hive to grow and keep it from swarming.  Depending on your local area, we usually encourage Queens to grow their hives as large as the local ecosystem and their own abilities allow them.  While many hives remain at three boxes we have had clients hives that have grown past six boxes high.  Yes they are taller than us!  But every hive is different.

Individual Frames___(read below)


Every now and then, we'll determine that a frame needs replacement.  

We've found out recently that, once someone's been a client for about three years, the interior frames need to be replaced.  Over time, we've found that the wax in the frames absorbs small amounts of toxins and pollutants.  Over time, these build up causing the hive's interior to become less and less healthy over time.

While no one has all the answers on what causes colonies to weaken and collapse over time, we're firm believers in taking all the easy preventative measure we can to keep this from happening.  Not to say it's THE answer but, if something does happen, with newer wax, at least we can cross that off the list.

Assembled Deep Frame using the new small cell wired, wax foundation. ___________  $10 each

While a tad expensive.the small cell foundation is still very new on the market and, while far superior, it is still more expensive.  Please feel free to ask us why we prefer it.  Yes, it's a long answer.

Assembled Deep Frame without Foundation ____________ $5 each

Because bees like to modify the size of the cells that they create, often we'll opt to let them do their thing and give them empty frames to work with.  But caution!  The bees will usually only build out empty frames during the first half of the season.  Putting them in a box in August is usually a waste of time.

Replacement Bee Colony ______$175


As hard as we try, not every hive makes it.  Getting a hive through the first year is always the hardest since your local environment might not be able to sustain them at first.  Even established hives can fail.  But that is never a reason to give up!  Many local environments get better and better when there's a hive there, even if the colony doesn't survive.  all the work the bees did while there makes that area that much better that the next colony will take advantage of.  

This price, of course, includes us installing the colony into your boxes.

PLEASE NOTE:  We're currently only able to provide bee colonies to EXISTING clients.  New clients receive a full colony included with the purchase of their hive.  But our breeding program is not to the point that we're able to provide bee packages or nucs to the general public or non-clients.